Physical and Occupational Therapy


Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic exercises are used to:

  • Improve flexibility, and strength
  • Increase endurance and aerobic capacity
  • Improve functional impairments

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a clinical approach utilizing skilled, specific hands-on techniques, including joint mobilization, to treat soft tissues and joint structures for the purpose of modulating pain; increasing range of motion (ROM); reducing or eliminating soft tissue inflammation; inducing relaxation; improving contractile and non-contractile tissue repair, extensibility, and/or stability; facilitating movement; and improving function.

Strength Training

Strength training is the use of resistance to muscular contraction to build the strength, anaerobic endurance, and size of skeletal muscles. Strength training can provide significant functional benefits and improvement in overall health and well-being, including increased bone, muscle, tendon and ligament strength and toughness, improved joint function, and a reduced potential for injury.

Gait Training

Gait training is used to help one learn how to walk again after injury. The aim of gait training is usually to reduce patients’ dependence on assistive devices such as braces, canes, and crutches.

Cardiovascular Conditioning

Cardiovascular conditioning is the enhancement of heart and circulatory function by regular vigorous aerobic exercise. Good cardiovascular function improves your muscles ability to recover. It also promotes increased circulation, improvement in energy and stamina, an increase in muscle endurance, and an overall improvement in mood and sense of well-being.

We provide physical therapy services at following locations:

  • Beverly Park Medical Center
  • Oak Park Medical Center
  • Midway Medical Center
  • Jackson Park Medical Center
  • South Holland Medical Center
  • Northside Medical Center



There are a variety of treatment modalities that can help provide pain relief, and heal injuries including hot packs, cold packs, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound.

Hot Packs

The heat provided by hot packs relaxes tight muscles which helps alleviate pain from muscles that are in spasm. It also causes vasodilatation of the blood vessels which increases circulation to the area helping to provide the necessary components the body uses to repair injuries.

Cold Packs

Cold packs are used to treat areas of pain and inflammation. The cold packs are applied directly to the area in need of treatment. The cold transferred to the patient’s skin, muscle, and tissue causes vasoconstriction of the blood vessels in the area. This decreases the inflammation in the area. By decreasing inflammation, pain and swelling are decreased.


Ultrasound machines utilize high or low frequency sound waves. These sound waves are transmitted to the surrounding tissue and vasculature. They penetrate the muscles to cause deep tissue/muscle warming. This promotes tissue relaxation and therefore is useful in treating muscle tightness and spasms. The warming effect of the sound waves also cause vessel vasodilatation and increases circulation to the area providing the necessary components the body uses for healing. The physical therapist can also adjust the frequency on the machine to use waves that will decrease inflammation.

Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation uses an electrical current to cause a single muscle or a group of muscles to contract. Contracting the muscle via electrical stimulation helps strengthen the affected muscle. Along with increasing muscle strength, the contraction of the muscle also promotes blood supply to the area which assists in healing. Certain electrical stimulation units promote the release of endorphins, which resemble opiates in their ability to produce pain relief.

Associated Medical Centers of Illinois (select office location to see hours of operation)

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Chicago, IL 60643

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AMCI - Midway Medical Center
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Chicago, IL 60629
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AMCI - Oak Park Medical Center
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AMCI - Jackson Park
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AMCI - Northside Medical Center
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